Paradisworld   was   created   in   2011   and   is   based   in   the   United   Arab   Emirates. We help communities with the following : >  organic farming     >  high volume housing     >  economic prosperity We   have   partners   and   customers   in   more   than   10   countries.   We   add   value in    each    country    that    we    are    involved    with    by    creating    employment    and richness with the local communities. What we do TOGETHER matters.
let’s build the future together
anyone who has never made a mistake, has never tried anything new life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving a business that makes nothing but money is a poor business
We   offer   the   opportunity   based   on exclusivity   and   other   commitments, to   distribute   our   products   in   Africa, Middle East and Europe.
We       recommend       to       do       a       full implementation   for   organic   and   natural way   of   doing   agriculture.   Agriculture   of today   is   a   science   with   calculation   and chemistry.
We          provide          analysis          and recommandations   for   your   territory. Based   on   our   expertise,   we   provide training     and     support     to     improve your process.
We   do   construction   of   extreme,   from   mini   houses   to   other   specifics projects   in   Canada.   Unique   design,   specifications   and   offers   are   the keys for our market. We    have    construction    and    property    development    companies    in Africa.   We   implement   a   unique   high-volume-solution   to   build   houses for    developing    countries.    Governments    and    investors    are    our customers. We believe in a quality of living for everyone.
We    have    developed    a    complete    line    of    agricultural    products    and services    to    do    organic    farming.    Greenfarm    is    a    complete    and innovative Paradisworld solution. Greenfarm   implements   best   farming   practices   for   existing   or   future farms. Our    know-how    is    based    on    international    practices    and    strong professionals   who   are   involved   in   many   projects   for   the   past   30 years. We believe in a healthiest world.
bu si ness bu si ness ac tion ac tion ex per tise ex per tise it takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home in no va tion in no va tion
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Paradisworld   is   committed   to   help   populations.   Providing   ressources was    done    by    many    in    the    past.    Providing    supports    is    another approach   that   many   had   in   the   past   decades.   Providing   a   complete solution   with   sustainability,   values,   growth   and   improving   richness for    all    levels    of    people,    with    an    activity,    rare    are    the    solutions reaching   this   level.   We   are   in   process   of   providing   a   link   missing   in the    worldwide    economical    activity,    in    the    global    networking    and connections existing between people. We developed it.
Be different
Be good
sow seeds
We believe in a healthiest world for everyone.
We believe in opportunities through our actions.
build homes
Be strong
We believe in a quality of living for everyone.
Our     team     has     developed     a group   of   processes,   procedures and   an   expertise   following   years of   experience   by   implementing factories and technologies.
Our     team,     following     a     strong organization    and    implementation with   KPI,   provide   training,   support and     management     of     the     new facilities established.
Our    team    has    a    unique    knowhow    for optimal   solution   in   the   construction   field, and   also   taking   care   of   the   environment and the future population.
Be good
sow seeds
build homes
Be strong
Be different
We    have    a    solution    to    provide employment      for      uneducated people            to            professional experimented.           We           have opportunities, we create them.
We   join   the   people   in their   environment   and we   provide   a   complete a   c   c   o   m   p   a   n   i   m   e   n   t     starting       by       having ideas    to    a    successfull project.
the company
We     have     the     plateform     to     have     a network.    The    connection    of    all    people can   provide   a   real   social   network   having a real humanitary goal.
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