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people love chopping wood, in this activity one immediately sees results successful investing is about managing risk, not avoiding it
Paradisworld    is    committed    to    enhancing    shareholder    value    and partner    success    through    the    active    management    of    innovative development and responsible corporate citizenship. Paradisworld   believe   that   the   future   belongs   to   those   corporations having   a   well-defined   strategic   vision   anchored   in   strong   core   values. These principles guide our team in all decisions and developments.
We   are   committed   to   working   towards   the   implementation   of   the principles   of   sustainable   development.   This   responsibility   starts   with an    individual    approach    of    each    of    our    employees    following    the direction and wishes of the management of Paradisworld:
We   seek   the   improvement   of   the living    conditions    of    the    human being    by    a    commitment    in    the social    organization,    through    our projects and our companies.
We   support,   support   and   develop   people   to   improve   health and the environment, who we are and around us.
We   are   transforming   the   qualitative   elements   that   accompany sustainable   growth,   through   the   economic,   social   and   cultural evolution of a country.
economic development
social growth
We   diversify   our   markets   ensuring the         sustainability         of         the organization and our interests.
We   are   working   to   become   one   of the   largest   companies   present   in Africa and Canada.
Our    team    is    fully    dedicated    to    support    our customers.   With   an   average   of   more   than   20 years   worldwide   experience,   we   can   provide you   strong   solutions   to   reach   the   objectives defined.    Our    strategic    committee    ensure    all aspects   maintaining   the   development   of   the business      and      the      development      of      our customers.   We   are   proud   to   contribute   in   your development and your future.
ris k ris k wis dom wis dom sy ner gy sy ner gy coming together is the beginning, keeping together is a progress, working together is a success vi sion vi sion leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality
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Paradisworld    is    a    unique    business    model.    With    many    years    of experiences,   we   want   to   write   pages   of   stories.   These   pages   are about   us   as   a   team   but   also   you   as   customers,   suppliers,   partners, friends and families.   Let’s   having   you   supporting   us   and   sharing   these   pages   with   your feedback and experiences. Follow us or be with us.
to     help     individuals     cope     with     the     consequences     of     their engagement in a situation of weakness to   help   employees   become   more   in   control   of   their   destiny   in   the face of company developments to      influence      codefine      norms      favorable      to      the      economic competitiveness, to the human and social strategy to    contribute    to    the    environment    giving    a    moral    sense    to    the employee's commitment to the company
10K Number of new direct jobs 100K Number of hectares reserved for projects 5M Number of people benefiting of projects 1M Number of houses in order
We   have   many   exhibitions   planned   every   year   in   different fields   related   with   our   business.   Please   contact   us   and   stay connected   with   us   to   have   more   informations.   Follow   us   to know the medias talking about us.
exhibitions and others
We    are    proud    to    contribute    to the      development      of      several countries.    Join    a    dynamic    and unique     team     with     skills     and attitudes    related    to    the    healthy culture   of   our   business.   Technical and   administrative   positions   are open.
Be excellent
think globally
We     work     to     position     ourselves globally        and        contribute        to international development.
We     help     communities     in     many countries   to   have   a   better   quality of life.
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influence all
Be excellent
think globally
Be smart
influence all
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