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Alban    Authié    converted    from    racing    to    the extreme      obstacle      course,      triathlon      and ironman.   His   first   race   was   a   success,   ranking just   behind   a   group   of   American   athletes   and   a European. A very nice feat.
24 hours ultra race
world championship
2 nd  european, 1 st  french
Some events of 2018: August   2 nd   -   triathlon   'L'Alpes   d'Huez',   2.2km   swimming, 118km cycling, 21km running September 15 th  - ultra obstacle race, Scotland October 8 th  - sprint obstacle race, France November - ironman December   8 th    -   24h   ultra   obstacle   race,   Iceland   world championship
Obstacle    races    represent    the    reality    of    our    organization.    We    have many   organizational,   operational   and   human   challenges.   The   scale   of our   projects   is   up   to   the   strength   of   our   team   and   its   ability   to   cope with   obstacles.   Our   rigor   through   the   application   of   our   processes, corresponding   to   the   efforts   of   preparation   of   an   athlete,   brings   us   to success to the height of our ambitions.
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We    are    proud    to    partner    with    athletes    who share   our   values   and   model   as   a   company   that pushes   the   boundaries,   strives   for   excellence and endures our daily challenges.
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